Spring is in the Air!

Almond flowerWhat a great time to experience the Algarve!

The weather is starting to really warm up, the temperatures are normally 20-25°C (feeling more like high 20’s in the sun) and although there may still be a shower of rain, the norm is for blue skies and sun. It’s great beach weather too but also still good for getting out into the countryside and exploring.

It’s also a new start for many beautiful and colourful wild flowers and many rare plants. Meadows full of changing colour, starting with the delicate white and pinks of the Almond blossom, delicately fragranced, through to the deep purples of the wild orchids and the brilliant reds of the poppies, which are my personal favourite. It’s still quite quiet so it’s perfect for getting around without the hustle and bustle, great for walking or cycling, visiting local picturesque villages, towns and markets. It’s a great time of year for young children, or those who don’t like it too hot but still enjoy the sun.

Opening in March

20 March 2013 – Zoo Marine opens – marine theme park (15 minutes away)

27 March 2013 – Slide & Splash opens – water park (15 minutes away)

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